The Future of Self-Driving Cars is Here & It Tastes Like Cheese

I love the smell of pizza in the morning. Smells like... science. Ford Motor Company is taking its self-driving Fusion Hybrid to the next level this month, finding ways to integrate the technology into our daily lives—namely, by revolutionizing the way we get pizza deliveries.

Obviously, once the wrinkles are ironed out, autonomous cars could be used in all sorts of delivery services, not just oven-baked discs of indulgently melted cheeses and sauce. For now, though, Domino's is Ford's partner of choice for the first test-run of autonomous food delivery.

"As we increase our understanding of the business opportunity for self-driving vehicles to support the movement of people and goods, we're pleased to have Domino's join us in this important part of the development process," said Sherif Marakby, Ford Vice President, Autonomous and Electric Vehicles. "As a company focused on the customer experience, Domino's shares our vision for a future enabled by smart vehicles in a smart environment that enhance people's lives."

Will San Bernardino see self-driving pizza delivery soon? The technology is likely still a few years away from widespread commercial use, but it may all happen sooner than you think.

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