GAP Coverage Gives You the Protection You Need

When buying a new car, knowing the various insurance choices you have is essential. While you may want to take a risk by only buying traditional insurance, you should make sure you're protected for the possibility of a total loss accident.

GAP insurance provides you with this protection.

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Traditional insurance will cover your car if it's ruined, but only to an extent. You'll get the fair market value of your car and nothing more. This can be thousands of dollars less than the total of your car loan, leaving you with unwanted debt.

GAP insurance completely covers your losses. You won't get stuck with a pointless car loan because GAP insurance pays the difference between your vehicle's value and your loan.

To learn more about the benefits of GAP insurance and how you can roll it into your next new car purchase, contact the finance center at Fairview Ford in San Bernadino, CA. Our staff will be waiting to take your call and field your questions.

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