How Often Should You Change Your Car's Battery?

Your car's battery is the power source for all of its major functions. Without it, you're basically just the owner of a massive paperweight. It's important, in turn, to make sure your battery stays healthy and that you can tell when something's wrong with it.

What Is The Average Life Expectancy of a Car's Battery?

Life expectancy for a car's battery depends on wear and tear of that battery, but if you take good care of your vehicle and are faithful with maintenance, a new battery should last between 3 and six years. Remeber, of course, that get what you pay for. If you buy a battery used, its lifespan might be shorter than something brand new.

What are Some Signs That Your Battery's Failing

If your battery is degrading, you may notice that your car struggles to turn over when you turn it on. Your horn and headlights may also become weaker. If you pop the hood, you may also notice that the battery's case appears swollen and emits a rank odor.

Seek Service When You Need It.

If you suspect your battery's failing, get in touch with a service center like the one you'd find at Fairview Ford in San Bernadino, CA. Our staff can help you figure out what's going on and replace your battery if a new one is needed.

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