It Is Summer And Time For A Trip! Let's Go!

Yes, summer is a great time to take an extended road trip with family or perhaps with friends. It is a wise thing to make sure that your vehicle is ready for a long trip. Have your oil and tires checked and make sure that all your fluids are ready for a trip.

If children are going along, make sure that they have some games to play and other things to do, as a long trip can be boring for children. All of those old games about license plates and counting telephone poles come to mind.

An emergency can turn a memorable fun time into a nightmare. Take an emergency roadside kit with you. Make sure it contains items necessary to get you back on the road. A flashlight, jumper cables, and a first aid kit are good items to carry in an emergency kit.

Take along some snacks and some bottled water or other drinks, as people in your vehicle may become thirsty or hungry between stops.

See your dealer! They have other tips for a long road trip.
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