How To Wash Your Car

How do you wash your car? Do you wait until there are several layers of dirt on the car before washing? There are two types of drivers, when it comes to car washing. There is the type of car owner that receives great satisfaction out of washing and polishing their car. The other driver would rather wait until bird droppings, dead bugs, grime, and grit is covering the entire vehicle. Waiting too long to wash your car might ruin the car's paint job.

How To Wash Your Car
This is not exactly a tutorial on the perfect way to wash and wax your car. It is an attempt to let you know the steps to take to keep your car looking cleaner before wash day. Always wash bird droppings and the dead bugs off your car as soon as possible, rinse your car after a rain storm, rinse car off after driving over a dusty road.

Follow these tips to protect your car's finish and your investment.
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