Rotate Your Tires Today, Save Money Tomorrow

Getting your tires rotated is a foreign topic to many people. This is because many people simply drive their car until it needs tires, and then spend the money to have them replaced. This can get expensive, because if you aren't rotating your tires, you are spending more money than you need to. Tires tend to wear differently on the front of the car, versus the back of the car. This change in wear is due to the turning characteristics of the front of the car, and a fixed axis on the back. If all we ever did was go in a straight line, this may not even be an issue! Unfortunately, we must also negotiate turns. This puts added wear on the corners of the tires. Rotating the tires solves this issue, because you are allowing each tire the opportunity to wear more evenly by placing the front on the back, and visa-versa. Contact our service department today, and let us help you solve all of your tire needs!
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